From the recording Heaven's Elevator (Single)

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Guitars & Vocals: Kristin Andreassen & Jefferson Hamer
Fiddle: Stephanie Coleman
Clarinet: Alec Spiegelman

Produced & Engineered by: Jefferson Hamer
Mastered by: David Glasser at Airshow Mastering
Cover Art by: Gina Leslie


Heaven's Elevator
by Kristin Andreassen & Jefferson Hamer

We came out west here up the Mackenzie River
We cleared the timber, fished in the muddy water

We’re going up now
On heaven’s elevator

We planted fruit trees for future generations
Then Pastor Rickard, re-checked his calculations.

No time to waste now, here comes that rope of light
Get to a high place, it’s coming down tonight

Untie your apron, I’ll wear my Sunday suit
Crank up the engine, let’s drive up Spencer’s Butte
We'll go drive up Spencer's Butte

We did the numbers, no use in hesitating
Singing and shouting, until this hillside’s levitating.