Pre-Release Mini World Tour 

Really excited to announce 3 (count 'em) live-in-my-living-room (or wherever the whim takes me) shows to celebrate the release of Gondolier. 

Concert Window is a great live, online venue - anyone can tune in from home. And the cover charge is what you want it to be. Viewers can even chime in by chat with requests, heckles, or virtual (silent) applause. 

I've got special guests lining up for each one and will announce them the week of the show - and the Feb 17 session will be a special Release Day Celebration!

Just log in to stream the show at : Easy peasy. 

Feb 3, 9 PM Eastern :: Special Guests Chris Eldridge + Steph Coleman
Feb 10, 9 PM Eastern :: Special Guests TBA
Feb 17, 9 PM Eastern :: Release Day Celebration


Gondolier Radio Tour 

I'm excited to be doing some great live radio this coming week. Jefferson Hamer,  Alec Spiegelman and Rosie Newton will be joining me for these shows. All these events are open to the public, and ticket links are below! 

You can also stream these shows live and enjoy them from the comfort of home - hope you can tune in. 

Jan 18 * Mountain Stage
Morgantown, WV
Tickets: $18/$25 Buy Tickets
Also appearing are
 Lee Ann WomackMac McAnally,Angaleena Presley, and Charlie Worsham.
Stream it on a local affiliate - times vary 


Jan 19 * Woodsongs

Lexington, KY *
Tickets: $10 Buy Tickets
Also appearing is Jon Nemeth (harmonica master!)
Stream here  starting at 7pm ET


Jan 20 * The Blue Plate Special

Knoxville, TN
Free to attend - bring a lunch.

Stream it live at 12 pm Eastern here.


Jan 21 * Music City Roots
Nashville, TN
Tickets: $10 Buy Tickets
Excited to share the stage in Nashville with Chip Taylor, The Malpass Brothers and Doyle Lawson. 
Doors 6 PM  
Stream it live at 7 pm Central here.


Jan 23 * WPFK Live Lunch 
Louisville, KY
A full 60-minute show. Join us live in-studio, on the radio in Louisiville 
or stream it online.

Official "'Simmon" Video on No Depression 

No Depression is premiering 'Simmon today- my first official music video from Gondolier! I had a great time shooting the video with my old friend Tom Krueger (U2, One Direction, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell) in Prospect Park and on the Brooklyn Bridge. Chris Eldridge, Stephanie Coleman and Alec Spiegelman played their respective parts. It was a great day. Check out the video here: 

If you like the song, head over to my Pledge Page and download 'Simmon for free(and get lots of other cool Pledger goodies) with your pre-order.


'Simmon takes verses from the time-honored old time number “The Crawdad Song”, while the choruses are completely original and speak to the interweaving of old time music and the community that brings to a modern life. Kristin says “Throughout these songs, I’m using traditional music as a springboard. In this one, it’s the most obvious. I just start with the first line of an old song and then transpose the plot to my own era. It's my way of asking, 'What makes a traditional song great? What makes it last?'” This is the only track with fiddle on the album. Stephanie Coleman is deep in the old time tradition and she brings that undeniable dance groove to this waltz, with the fiddle echoing the vocal melody in reverse after each line in the verse. This track went down live with the exception of Alec Spiegelman’s harmony parts on clarinet, edging this track gently toward the more composed sounds on other songs on Gondolier.

Kristin Andreassen: guitar
Jefferson Hamer: harmony vocal
Stephanie Coleman: fiddle
Chris Eldridge: guitar
Paul Kowert: bass
Mike Riddleberger: drums
Lawson White: triangle

Kristin & Two Stephanies Cover Taylor Swift for Wall Street Journal 

A few words I never thought I'd write: Wall Street Journal just posted a video of me and Stephs Coleman and Jenkins covering Taylor Swift's 'Welcome to New York' in a subway tunnel under Grand Central. Watch it here on the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy Blog.

"While Swift’s song is saturated with the bright lights and big beat of the city, the trio’s version nods to the earthier side of New York, which has a thriving folk and country scene centered in Brooklyn."

PopMatters Premieres "The New Ground" 

December 19: Today music blog PopMatters premiered my song "The New Ground", from GondolierClick here to listen. The title comes from a line in a traditional children's play party game that the great folk singer Bessie Jones talks about in a book on such things. "The 'new ground' is ground where the trees have been cut off, but it's never been planted in," she says. Two syllables to express the overlap of sacrifice and possibility. It was a concept that stuck with me.

This was the last song I wrote for the new album. The recording features Jefferson Hamer (guitar), Paul Kowert (acoustic bass), Tony Maimone (banjo bass), Alec Spiegelman (flute) and Lawson White (percussion). Lawson also produced, engineered and mixed. Read more about the session here.

Miles of Music Boston Workshops Feb 6-8 

December 17: I'm getting excited about hosting this weekend of workshops in Boston February 6-8. We're calling it "House Camp" because the workshops take place over two days in the home of a gracious friend. These will be small group workshops with some magnificent instructors: Aoife O'Donovan (singing), Laura Cortese (fiddle & songwriting), Flynn Cohen (guitar), Lukas Pool (banjo), Emily Mure (singing & guitar), Jess McIntosh (fiddle), and of course me (songwriting & dance). Tuition of $200 includes seven classes, two concerts, two gourmet meals and all-hours jamming. The picture below is actually from Brooklyn House Camp, which has been a big success over the past couple of years. It's been fun to watch campers stay in touch throughout the year. We're excited to start building something like that in Boston. Since the event is held in a private home, space is very limited and I would encourage you to sign up early. Find a complete schedule and registration information here. 

Lucius - The Full Crowd-Surfing Report 

December 11: Guys, how could I not share this amazing photo that Alex Marvar posted of Jess Wolfe crowd-surfing her way through the outro of "Hey Doreen" at the Lucius show? Especially when I'M one of those weird white blobs up on stage, singing my little heart out with this incredible band at Terminal 5. Next pic: Chillin' in a winter wonderland with Elizabeth Ziman, Jess Wolfe, Holly Laessig, Cat Martino & Lauren Balthrop. Thanks, ladies!


WFUV's 'On Your Radar' w/ Chris Eldridge 

December 8: Tomorrow night – December 9 – Chris "Critter" Eldridge and I are headed to Rockwood Music Hall to play a short set for the WFUV series  'On Your Radar' (hosted by John Platt). 7-9pm. $12. We're looking forward to hearing Zak Smith and The Hello Strangers who are also on the bill. Tickets here. If you want to watch us play my song "Daybreak", I just posted a new video here on the video page. Thanks Andy Cambria for sharing!

Singing with Lucius this weekend 

December 5: New York City, you are in for a very special treat as the band Lucius brings their show to Terminal 5 this Saturday night. I'll be singing backing vocals (along with Lauren Balthrop, Elizabeth Ziman and Cat Martino). Truly, this is one of my favorite bands ever and I'm looking forward to everything about this evening including a random dress I ordered from England (white as snow, which is the dress code for the event). Bahamas and Elaphant open the show. Tickets here.