Pre-Release Mini World Tour

Really excited to announce 3 (count 'em) live-in-my-living-room (or wherever the whim takes me) shows to celebrate the release of Gondolier. 

Concert Window is a great live, online venue - anyone can tune in from home. And the cover charge is what you want it to be. Viewers can even chime in by chat with requests, heckles, or virtual (silent) applause. 

I've got special guests lining up for each one and will announce them the week of the show - and the Feb 17 session will be a special Release Day Celebration!

Just log in to stream the show at : Easy peasy. 

Feb 3, 9 PM Eastern :: Special Guests Chris Eldridge + Steph Coleman
Feb 10, 9 PM Eastern :: Special Guests TBA
Feb 17, 9 PM Eastern :: Release Day Celebration