PopMatters Premieres "The New Ground"

December 19: Today music blog PopMatters premiered my song "The New Ground", from GondolierClick here to listen. The title comes from a line in a traditional children's play party game that the great folk singer Bessie Jones talks about in a book on such things. "The 'new ground' is ground where the trees have been cut off, but it's never been planted in," she says. Two syllables to express the overlap of sacrifice and possibility. It was a concept that stuck with me.

This was the last song I wrote for the new album. The recording features Jefferson Hamer (guitar), Paul Kowert (acoustic bass), Tony Maimone (banjo bass), Alec Spiegelman (flute) and Lawson White (percussion). Lawson also produced, engineered and mixed. Read more about the session here.