Official "'Simmon" Video on No Depression

No Depression is premiering 'Simmon today- my first official music video from Gondolier! I had a great time shooting the video with my old friend Tom Krueger (U2, One Direction, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell) in Prospect Park and on the Brooklyn Bridge. Chris Eldridge, Stephanie Coleman and Alec Spiegelman played their respective parts. It was a great day. Check out the video here: 

If you like the song, head over to my Pledge Page and download 'Simmon for free(and get lots of other cool Pledger goodies) with your pre-order.


'Simmon takes verses from the time-honored old time number “The Crawdad Song”, while the choruses are completely original and speak to the interweaving of old time music and the community that brings to a modern life. Kristin says “Throughout these songs, I’m using traditional music as a springboard. In this one, it’s the most obvious. I just start with the first line of an old song and then transpose the plot to my own era. It's my way of asking, 'What makes a traditional song great? What makes it last?'” This is the only track with fiddle on the album. Stephanie Coleman is deep in the old time tradition and she brings that undeniable dance groove to this waltz, with the fiddle echoing the vocal melody in reverse after each line in the verse. This track went down live with the exception of Alec Spiegelman’s harmony parts on clarinet, edging this track gently toward the more composed sounds on other songs on Gondolier.

Kristin Andreassen: guitar
Jefferson Hamer: harmony vocal
Stephanie Coleman: fiddle
Chris Eldridge: guitar
Paul Kowert: bass
Mike Riddleberger: drums
Lawson White: triangle